I am a freelance writer, with a particular focus on nature, ecology, agriculture and place.  I’ve spent several years working in media, communications, environmental campaigning and agricultural extension. But how and where one works is only a fraction of the answer: from tall ship sailing to bird watching, from hiking to horseriding, from creative non-fiction to poetry, nature and place (even at sea) are constant themes. 

I grew up by the ocean in Fremantle, WA, and in the mountains of East Gippsland, Victoria. I’ve also lived in Ireland, Melbourne and Canberra. A journey across southern Australia in 2023 has brought me to Denmark, WA. I acknowledge and pay my deepest respects to the Nyoongar and Gunaikurnai Traditional Owners of the lands I call home.

This blog began during my time in Melbourne and has evolved and changed over time according to my location, employment, immediate political concerns and the vagaries of life. My writing engages with issues and topics that are important to me, including the environment, feminism, Australian politics and connection to land, place and sea. Sometimes, this engagement is through literature; sometimes by responding to topics in the media; often, through reflection on personal experience.

A selection of my writing is included below, and there is more information about my professional experience here.

The work on this blog is copyright Suzannah Marshall Macbeth. For permissions, licensing or other queries, please contact me by leaving a comment or via Twitter



Selected works – Suzannah Marshall Macbeth

Co-author: Natural Asset Farming: Creating Productive and Biodiverse Farms. By David Lindenmayer, Suzannah Macbeth, David Smith and Michelle Young. Published 2022 by CSIRO Publishing.

“Saving Canberra’s goannas”, The Saturday Paper, 3 June 2023.

“The luxury of going home in an age of uncertainty”, Overland, 18 March 2020.

Canberra Times book reviews

Kill Your Darlings, non-fiction articles, 2012-2023.

“Nothing New Under the October Sun”, published in The Big Issue, November 2011.

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  1. Lisa Clarke says:

    You go girl! Loved your Anzac piece – not sure I agree – Anzac day is my only religion – dawn service always attended and I always cry as I imagine sitting in a boat watching for the first sign of dawn knowing in a while I woould be ordered to advance on unknown territory under fire, to an uncertain fate…..for the good of my countrymen only to find the whole battle was pointless and that the enemy was noble and just and skilled and just like me……. and I think such sacrafice in the face of hoplessness could well teach the past few generations a thing or two (you and Tim exempted of course!) but love your style! Forgive my rant, need some sleep! Love from all here especially W. Sportsman. Lisa xoxoxox:)

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