Does the age of human settlement in Victoria rival that of Lake Mungo?

La Trobe archaeologist Jillian Garvey is definitely academic-of-the-moment this summer. I’m looking forward to hearing and writing more about her work in the coming months.

La Trobe University Bulletin

Excavations at Ned's Corner in January Excavations at Ned’s Corner on the Murray River near Mildura are part of a new study that aims to find out.

While many Australians were heading to the beach during the mid-January heatwave, La Trobe archaeologist Dr Jillian Garvey was undertaking an archaeological dig west of Mildura in outback Victoria.

The dig is part of a six-year project led by Dr Garvey at Ned’s Corner Station and in the Murray-Sunset National Park close to the South Australian border.

It is one of the largest archaeology projects in Victoria and the first Indigenous archaeology project funded by the Australian Research Council in the area.

Sand hills at Lake Mungo. Photo: Ivan Burge Sand hills at nearby bLake Mungo. Photo: Ivan Burge

Another Lake Mungo?

Dr Garvey believes the project may find evidence of human occupation similar to that already known from the Lake Mungo area in New South Wales.

The Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, not…

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